This week I’m emotionally attached to…

24 Aug

I’m a media & communications student. Therefore it probably won’t surprise you to know that not only do I watch a lot of television, but I also form intense bonds with both the characters and the series. Generally, they tend to be from female-inclined soaps, which play upon my emotional insecurities…so perhaps it actually has more to do with my obsessive and unrealistically dreamy views on life…HOWEVER, I know I’m not the only one!

SO, each week imma gonna share with you, the character and/or show to which I am feeling the intense bond and who is consequently causing me to become very sentimental towards my own life. You’ll get a rundown on what they’re all about and why they have transcended the fourth wall to intricate themselves into my daily emotions. Oh, how thrilling it sounds. I know.

To kick start the ball rolling then, this week, I’m emotionally attached to…


Hunk Alert!

Alas, tonight (Tuesday 23rd August 2011) we celebrated the return of the beloved Australian ‘drama’ Packed to the Rafters, to channel seven’s programming. Having been put on hiatus earlier this year, PTTR is now back on our screens to play out the rest of its fourth season.

For those unaware of the show’s plot, Jake Barton (played by Australian actor, James Stewart) is a young electrician who works for Dave Rafter (paternal protagonist) and who is romantically linked to Dave’s eldest child, Rachel Rafter (played by the equally gorgeous Jessica Marais).


1) Look at him. Some serious man candy there. Admittedly, I didn’t see the hype when Jake first became a regular character in season three, but there’s no doubt he’s grown on me. And, I mean, he’s a tradie – i.e. the show’s creators take every opportunity to put him in as little clothing as possible to show off that fine bod.

2) SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT: Jake (being the highly Australian stereotype he is) is a rugby-playing, beer-drinking man who uses his body more than his brains to earn a living. But as we’ve discovered, he’s a true softy. Not only have we seen him stand up to his reckless mates to defend a girl, be highly protective of his family (single mother and disabled brother) and take in the long-lost cousin, Coby, as his new bestie, he has also proven himself as a charming boyfriend to Rachel. BUT, Rachel, has just decided to up and leave to further her advertising career in NYC – and being the beautiful, in-love gentleman that he is, Jake has regretfully allowed Rachel to go on her way and follow her dreams.

Tonight’s episode undoubtedly played on the heartstrings, drawing out the tearful farewell for the former inseparable couple. Which, of course, featured Jake’s mad dash to the airport to say a few last heartfelt words to his woman.

Now that Rachel has left the series, it will be interesting to see how big of a role Jake will play in PTTR. But in the meantime, where are the boys like him hiding?!

peace xx


who’s the boss?

23 Aug

There’s nothing better than a great smelling man.

Science agrees, it’s been proven that some of the strongest sexual influences for a woman stem from pheromones (scented sex-hormones). If that’s not enough, the abundance of Lynx ads and celebrity-endorsed fragrances on the market these days, really leaves no excuse for a foul smelling fella.

From time to time, being the commercially-controlled puppets we are (or having just been cast under a spell by this guy), my gal-pals and I like to discuss our preferred manly scents. For those playing at home, my top three would be Hugo Boss, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Drakkar Noir.

Now you see, it was my dad’s birthday over the weekend, and when pondering what to buy him, I asked my girls if it would be weird to give him a parfum that I was somewhat attracted to. The overwhelming response, was that, while it would make Freud proud, yes it probably was a bit too bizarre to get away with. So I did the less-creepy thing, and bought him tickets to see the comedian Martin Short. Good. Yay for not getting frisky with papa bear!

SUNDAY MORNING – there I was sitting at the breakfast table, minding my own business and reading the newspaper when my nose started to twitch….just like a sniffer dog, my mind became consumed with the whiff. It didn’t take long to decipher that it was none other than the beautiful smell of Hugo Boss. The beautiful smell, lathered ALL OVER MY DAD! Someone else had bought the aftershave for him. And so, on a lovely, sunny, Sunday morning, all I wanted to do was smell my father’s neck. It’s weird. I know, you don’t have to judge me too harshly, it’s scientific don’t forget ;)

Jokes aside, I obviously am not sexually attracted to my father. But every day since, the intoxicating elixir infiltrates the air where he walks, and catching a bit upon my nostril makes me feel a little better inside.

What do you think, commuters? Is it too strange to buy your dad (or even grandpa) a fragrance that entices you? Does it ruin the power of the parfum?

peace xx


Naked For Satan

22 Aug

Before you go and accuse me of being sac-religious, this is a bar. A tapas bar to be exact, and a fine one at that.

Located on Brunswick St (just past Johnston St), Naked For Satan opened up in late 2010, and has fast become a local favourite. Essentially it is a tapas and vodka bar, but probably not like you’d expect. If you’re familiar with Spanish culture, the servings are Pintxos, rather than tapas. For those of you that aren’t so familiar, think normal tapas food on bread and a bit bigger. As for the vodka, well it sells itself through its flavour infusions (think cherry, cinnamon, coco pops. ok just joking on that last one).

Apart from its perfect location (just feeding its target market, quite literally), Naked For Satan, is cheap. HELLA cheap! We’re talking 80 CENTS per serve, if you go at the right time (12-4pm weekdays, mon-wed dinner and after 6pm on sundays). I do not profess to be any culinary expert, but I can assure you, that is a crazily good price for the food quality (and variety!) NFS has to offer.

Photos courtesy of Melbourne Gastronome

So, how does it all work? Well, when you walk in (note: the ever-present bouncer on the door, decked out in suit and all) first allow yourself to be enchanted by the intricate decor. Think industrial meets europe via the kitchen. Ok that was a terrible description, but it’s pretty sweet inside. Especially the extremely spacious and CLEAN (although the relative ‘new-ness’ of the establishment helps that) bathrooms. Oh, but look out for the surprise in the colour of the hand soap ;)

First impressions aside, pick a seat either in the front half of the bar (close to the cold food) or head up the stairs for couches and various sized tables. Heading upstairs also means you’ll be closer to the toilets and the kitchen (handy for the hot pintxos – which you should allow room for later on in your sitting).

OK food time! Head to the bar, pick up a plate and let your tastebuds go wild! All the cold pieces are out the front, and are refreshed regularly. I recommend the one with the aranchini on top, both the wagyu and smoked ham and the smoked salmon. Having said that, tonight was my third visit, and I honestly don’t remember having one I didn’t like to date.

Photos courtesy of Melbourne Gastronome

NFS runs on an honesty system. You may notice small plastic shot glasses stacked up on your table. Sure they want you to drink, but these are to collect the toothpicks you’ll soon find in all of your pintxos. It’s important that you keep them, ‘cos they’re what you use to pay at the end!

As mentioned earlier, the wait staff will bring around various hot pieces throughout your ‘meal’. GO FOR THE CROQUETAS!! They look like this:

I have been hooked on them since travelling to Barcelona. As you can sort of see, they are a bit like aranchini balls, but less rice-y and more cheesy, often accompanied with chorizo or chilli. They are delicious, despite what they might look like in the above picture! Of course, there are other warm dishes, such as meatballs and little steaks. Just make sure you keep some room for them, because they WILL come out and they are definitely worth it.
As I get the feeling I am becoming slightly evangelical about NFS, I might just stop this about here. But seriously, if you want a cool spot to hang with mates over a few drinks (which are at standard Melbourne prices btw – i.e. $5-10 for a beer/wine/cider) and/or a good cheap eat. Look no further than here.
I’m already looking forward to going back :)
Hope you have a good start to the week, commuters!
peace xx


20 Aug

Bless! I’ve found some direction with this blog!

I want to write, so I am going to do just that. I’m going to write about all the issues and musings that entertain me as a 21 yo Melbourne based media student, trying to “find my way in the world”.

Hell yeah it may seem tried, damn it may even cause an eye roll. But you know what, this is my blog. And I hope to prove you otherwise…so hang tight commuters

peace xx

the perils of a restless media-ite

16 Aug

Travel. It’s a beautiful thing ain’t it? Taking on the persona of  an explorer and harnessing liberation, as you uncover new lands and cultures, while chowing down on foreign culinary delights as you go.

Oh yes, how I romanticised that, but it’s how travel ought to be viewed. I’d even go as far as saying that the experiences of travelling are the whole point of life…but that’s another can of worms….

So as my dear commuters may know (that is how I’m going to refer to you, my few and far between readers now), I not long returned from a month-long trip in Europe. I can hear your thoughts, “Oh the twentysomething has made the big flight out of the parental cocoon, partied her way around the Mediterranean and now has a new lease on life! How fresh, and inspiring!”

Well, this is only partly true.

Yes, it was joyous to feel completely in control of my life, and not under the dictatorial regime that is more often than not, my parents.

Yes, the coastal weather was delightful and therefore lended itself to the occassional social outing. And yes, I am in love with Barcelona.

And, yes, I now feel very unsettled. But the reason I write today, the other contributing factor to this existential crisis, is the fast realisation that uni is almost (well, sort of) over, and I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO DO!


Just when it couldn’t get worse, there we go with the ultimate whiney youthful woe! “Oh boo hoo hoo, I’ve spent three years in a liberal arts degree, and only now am realising the futileness of it all! How ever will I survive?!”

Put my scathing self-deprication aside for a moment, however, and let me state my case.

It is scary when all your friends reach that age where graduate positions, honours studies and masters become frequent topics of conversation. And it is at moments like this, that the highly competitive and often overwhelming nature of my chosen career path (media & communications) hit home.

What I’m getting at here, is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your grades are – it’s all about experience. Experience, and knowing the right people, at the right times…


1) If you don’t know which area you want to specialise in, how can you can enough experience for a job application?

2) (And more importantly) Even if you just keep active, gain the experience, do your uni work at all hours of the night in order to stay on track – HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE AT THE (OFTEN UNPAID) DISPOSAL OF EMPLOYERS AND HOLD DOWN A REGULAR PART-TIME JOB TO PAY YOUR BILLS AND FUND ABOVE TRAVELS?!!!

I think this is a crisis which hits media/comm students the most. I mean, sure, other degrees face similar issues but…at the end of the day, in this industry, U GOT NO EXPERIENCE – U GOTS NO JOB! :S

I guess then, the only way is to put yourself on the line and try. No harm ever came from that!

peace xx

oh hello, procrastination

5 Jun

Well, well, well. Hasn’t it been a long time since we were acquainted?!

Trust, that it is that dreaded vice we all know and love; procrastination, which reels me back in, but for the most part – we’re going to take it as a blessing in disguise.

Let the narcissistic truth be told, I have missed this blog. Missed it because it meant I was:

a) Doing things other than working and studying in Melbourne, and therefore actually enjoying my city.

b) Writing, often.

c) Productively speaking my mind and making use of my Internet “free-time”. As dear as Twitter and Facebook (yes, do note the order) are to my heart, there sure is a hell of a lot of garbage. Plus, Twitterature already took advantage of the “let’s make money using the novelty of this platform”, so there’s really minimal career opportunities for me there. Geez, there’s a horn toot if I ever did hear one!! (Because you know, the content here is just so well-considered and echoing the dollar signs…)

Nonetheless, Tumblr (yes I joined, shoot me) is no substitute for the joy of WordPress. So cut the soppy crap, I’m back.

But I want to change the direction of this blog a little. Quite literally, as I’ll be heading to Euro-land in 21 days. whoop, whoop!!

Fear not, for I hear your sighs and know that travel blogs (let alone, European travel blogs) are saaaaaa overdone. (Although, permit me to live the cliche at least once or twice). But something’s in the mix. Just have to figure it out.

Okies, well it’s probably about time I got to those seriously-pressing assignments about now. Wish me luck. Luck or a minor miracle (no exaggeration – 4500 words by Tuesday).

A bientot.

peace xx

i’m baaaack…

25 Jul

Hello kiddies,

After almost a month hiatus that I like to call holidays, I have decided to return to allthingsmelborn :) (shamefully, it was prompted by the Masterchef finale…meh)

Definitely a few things we need to catch up on; Tim Burton exhibition and a few little restaurant observations for starters, NOT TO MENTION THE ELECTION! But for now, let’s just stand under the ‘WELCOME HOME MEL’ banner :)

Now that this blog is no longer a peace of assessment (I passed it for those who care), the style may change a little. But Melbourne’s always changing. It fits.

And so on the eve of a new semester.